Top Hiking Trails in Bay Area

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” Inspired by John Muir, I organized a hiking group from June 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area via Wechat.

Now there is more than 1000 hikers in my group. We hike almost every Saturday. The posts on this website are our memories for each hike.

We completed hiking at Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in June and July 2016 with 5 permits (30 people in total). In 2017, one of our big goals is to try Rim 2 Rim in Great Canyon.

Welcome to hike with us!

Baker Beach to Kirby Cove in Fleet Week

Fleet Week is a spectacular event at the first week of October each year in the San Francisco Bay Area.Throughout Fleet Week, thousands of visitors will come to see the show. Continue reading>>>

Urban Hike on Treasure Island

Many people may drive on Bay Bridge many times, but they never go to the Treasure Island under the bridge. Many people also wonder how to get there. Continue reading>>>

Skyline Ridge Open Space: From Horseshoe Lake to Chestnut Orchard

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve is definitely a good place to hike in all seasons. We hike there in October because we can pick chestnuts at that time as well. We started from Horseshoe Lake, went to Alpine Pond and then the Skyline Chestnut Orchard to pick chestnut there. Continue reading>>>

Waddell Beach to Berry Creek Falls

Big Basin State Park is a famous place, many people started hiking from its headquarter to Berry Creek Falls in Boulder Creek. In fact, it’s more attractive to start from Waddell Beach in Davenport. Continue reading>>>

Oracle Lagoon to Coyote Point

This hike is from Oracle Lagoon in Redwood City to Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo. Continue reading>>>

Mount Tamalpais Hike

If you ever wonder what’s the best hike in the San Francisco Bay Area, my recommendation is the one from Stinson Beach to the top of Mount Tamalpais (East Peak). Part 1: From Stinson Beach to Pantoll Ranger Station | Part 2: From Pantoll Ranger Station to East Peak | Part 3: From East Peak to Stinson Beach

Hiking Boots

A suitable hiking boots is one of the most important outdoor gear selections when you go to hike in mountains. You can buy very good quality hiking boots or shoes from REI or other similar stores, or online like Amazon with free return policy.

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Walkie Talkie

There is normally no cell phone signals when you hike on mountains. It’s highly recommended to have a Walkie Talkie with you to keep in touch with other people in your group, in particular for emergency.

You can find Walkie Talkie from many places like Walmart, Bust Buy, Fry’s, etc. Most people like to buy from Amazon, here is our recommendations.

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