Baker Beach to Kirby Cove in Fleet Week


Fleet Week is a spectacular event at the first week of October each year in the San Francisco Bay Area.Throughout Fleet Week, thousands of visitors will come to see the show. In order to avoid the traffic and find the best spots to watch the air show, hike from Baker Beach to Kirby Cove is definitely a good choice.


We hiked on Saturday, October 8, 2016. This day was an extraordinary sunny day in San Francisco. We started from Baker Beach, and climbed the Sand Ladder first, then some people walked on Lincoln Blvd and some chose the Battery to Bluffs Trail.


That’s about 1.2 miles from Baker Beach to the South Gate of the Golden Gate Bridge. This short trail is really a fantastic place to view the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful beach.


Many people have a dream to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. Below is a view from the South Gate of the bridge (Welcome Center).


The length of the bridge is about 1.7 miles. You need to walk through the right side of the bridge (East), the left side (West) is for bicycles only. At the North Gate of the bridge, there is an underway to the other side of the bridge. Before you go to the other side, you can’t miss the Vista Point.


You can see a trail sign there when you go to the other side of the bridge. Climb up to the Conzelman Road from here.


As the map shows above, after the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point, there is another sign telling you how to get Kirby Cove.

It’s only about 0.8 mile down to the Kirby Cove Campground. Cars with camping permits can drive on this road.


One of the most nice attractions on Kirby Cove is the Swing. You can swing there, that’s so exciting. Of course, the view from the beach to the Golden Gate Bridge is stunning.


Since we hiked at a special day, the air show is awesome and unforgettable.


As a surprise, we’re lucky to see a motorcycle show on the bridge.


This 9 mile trail is an easy hiking, family friendly. For your reference, please use the following address on your GPS or Google Map:

Baker Beach

1777 Gibson Rd, San Francisco, CA 94129


P.S. Special thanks to our group members for providing wonderful photos.