Urban Hike on Treasure Island

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Many people may drive on Bay Bridge many times, but they never go to the Treasure Island under the bridge. Many people also wonder how to get there. On August 6, 2016, we hiked on this artificial island.

For navigation, the following address can be used:

One Avenue of Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130.

Treasure Island_hiking

Parking is easy and free since not many people go there. We started from the Treasure Island Museum and walked along California Ave to Pier 1, and then Avenue N, 13th St, Avenue H, 9th St, and finally back on Avenue of the Palms.

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The first spot is The Winery, where people can taste wine.

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The California Avenue has beautiful trees and flowers.

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On Avenue N, it’s the best place to watch the Bay Bridge, Oakland and Berkeley.

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We can see the Sather Tower in the Berkeley University. This tower was built in 1914, open to public in 1917. This 207 ft (93.60 meter) high tower is the 3rd highest tower in the world.

We saw some people were fishing and happened to see a group of people were making MTV there. The once a month flea market here is famous, and the two day annual Treasure Island Music Festival attract thousands of people.

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We arrived at the corner between Perimeter Rd and Avenue of the Palms, waiting for sunset.

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The sunset was around 8:15 pm, the lights were turned on on the Bay Bridge around that time.

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The city of San Francisco is more beautiful when its lights are on, especially under the moon.

In fact, not so many interesting things to do on Treasure Island, but this island does provide an unique spot to see the City of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Angel Island. That’s really worth half day or a day to do an urban hike there.